Start. Manage. Grow.
Streamlining how you purchase technology and point of sale hardware
IT Solutions

IT Solutions

We supply businesses with affordable technology such as computers, monitors, networking supplies, printers and other office hardware.

POS Hardware

We supply terminals, barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers, as well as any other equipment you may need in order to ring in your sale at your store.

payment processing

Payment Processing

We offer debit/credit terminals and eCommerce to enable you to conveniently accept electronic payments with low and affordable merchant fees.



We are real people here to provide you with real support





We can supply you with what you need, whatever industry you’re in

A simplified purchasing



You’re starting your new venture:

We’ll get you set up with all the equipment needed to get your business operational.


You’re managing your operation:

We’ll help minimize your expenses by sourcing cost-effective solutions with a simple ordering process to take the thinking out of it


You’re growing your business 

We’ll integrate, innovate, and celebrate your growth with you! Let us show you how we can help your business advance.

The Venture Advantage

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Making It Easy

Getting all the tools for your business might be overwhelming, but we’re here to do all the hard work for you! We’ll source products that are tailored to you, so you can focus on building your vision.

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We take great pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction. We offer the highest level of support with fast response times & tailored solutions for clients’ individual needs. Reach out & we’ll be there!


Going Beyond Sales

Our diverse perspectives coupled with industry and product knowledge can help you elevate your strategy. We’re here to help you look at your business from all angles, consider all factors, and find a solution for success tailored to you.

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Always Local

With a network of warehouses all across North America, we’re close by no matter where you are.  Our fast, reliable and flexible shipping options ensure we can meet any timeline. We believe in open communication, so you’ll always know what’s happening every step of the way.

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The Best of the Best

After over 20 years of experience, coupled with our emphasis on building strong relationships with the most reputable  distributors in North America, we’re able to bring you the best possible value for you and your business.

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Supporting Businesses

From startups to well established companies, we are your trusted partner in helping you streamline your purchasing processes. Our goal is to bring refinement to your procurement.